Yoga With Kelsie

Active Flow

Active Flow- upbeat music and faster paced movements make this class feel like a yoga dance. Flow through a variety of poses to increase strength, flexibility, stamina and balance. All classes end with a guided meditation. Beginners are always welcome but prepare to sweat! .

Slow Flow

Slow Flow- focus is on mindful moment through yoga poses blended with several long, deep stretches for increased flexibility and relaxation. Calming music and guided breath work is exactly what you need to bring stress levels down and safely connect with your body. Great class for beginners and anyone interested in yoga for mental health. 


Yoga With Child Care

Yoga Flow with Child Care- best of both worlds, this class is combination of slow and active flow. Bring your kiddos for some much needed play time in studio 2 while you get to exhale and focus on yourself, knowing they are close by!